Mikawa Real Estate can help you purchase a home in the greater Kitakyushu area.  We sell our own original newly constructed houses as well as previously owned homes, apartments, condominiums and buildings.  If you would like to buy land and build your own house, we can help with that as well.  For foriegn investors looking to buy tenanted or untenanted condo units for investment, we are your go to real estate agency.  

Contact me, Matt Rowles,  directly at +81-80-3756-7873 from overseas or the keitai # below.  Mail inquires can be sent to  matt@fudosan-mikawa.com 

コンタクト 080-3756-7873

アピール 皆に公平な満足できる取引を実現するのが私の基本。お客様が家族や友達に紹介してくれるように頑張ります。

特技 お客様にぴったり合う収益物件を紹介すること。おやじギャグ。ジョン・マッケンローのものまね。

データ アメリカ出身、唐津育ち。バイリンガル。時々テレビや映画などに出演します。プロレス大好き。

Investment properties with high ROI available in the cities of Kitakyushu, Kurume, and Fukuoka.  New and used houses available throughout Kitakyushu City, Nakama City, Nogata City, Iizuka City, Onga Gun, Fukutsu City, Munakata City, Tagawa City, Miyawaka City, etc.  We are here to help you with your Japanese real estate needs.